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    Everyone should have the right to #InheritPossibility —

    not limits to their potential.


    A lot can happen in a few generations. How is your life different from that of your parents or grandparents? We want to hear your story!


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    It’s simple. Tell us your story in a few sentences and post a picture—with a grandparent, parent, child, or the whole family—using the hashtag #InheritPossibility on Twitter or Instagram.


    Maybe you are the first one in your family to attend college, or the first one to migrate to the city for work. Perhaps you have a different kind of job than your parents had, maybe even one that didn’t exist when they were your age.  


    Or, perhaps, things have become more difficult for you, and you have concerns about your or your children’s future. Maybe you have fewer opportunities than your parents or grandparents did, or you see rising inequality affecting your chances to obtain a quality education and a good job.


    Whatever your story, we’d love to hear it. We’ll feature it here alongside others from across the world.


    Learn more about this campaign here.




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    We kicked off a global conversation on economic mobility across generations last October on End Poverty Day, previewing new evidence that the prospects of too many people are still too closely tied to their parents' social status rather than their own potential. We found that increases in education from generation to generation have stalled over the last half-century, which has real consequences for growth, inequality, and poverty reduction today and for the next generation. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve a fair chance at success?


    The full report will come out on May 10, covering not only a wealth of global data on intergenerational mobility, but also looking at some of the drivers of and constraints to economic mobility from generation to generation. On May 9, tune in live to hear experts discuss why economic mobility has stagnated in recent decades, and what needs to be done in order to build a more equitable future for all.


    We know that data and analysis only paint part of the picture. The stories you share will help complement what we’re seeing on paper with what’s happening on the ground, and hopefully spark a global conversation on how poverty and inequality are passed down, what that means for the future, and how countries of all kinds can break that vicious cycle.